Project Soapbox

Tristian Corona

Project Soapbox

On Tuesday, April 7, the Anaheim Union High School District will host the  1st annual Soapbox Speech Finals at Loara High School in the auditorium.

Project Soapbox is a project that educates students about what’s going on in the world. Students will be presented and told of a current event and taught what it is and why it’s important. They are given a handout where they’ll explain the topic, define the problem, explain the assets, and write about which actions they’ll take to demonstrate their own cause. 

Students write down and explain the topic that they will be talking about. After they explain the reason why this topic is such a big problem. Providing statistics, quotes, and emotional appeals like personal stories to support their argument that this issue is a big problem. Following that they provide information about what already exists that could help address the issue. Students will then finish their speech by talking about what their audience can do as a result of the speech they were given.

Several students have stepped up to the challenge and are working with their teachers to fine-tune their ideas before they begin the soapbox process. These students are Antony Attala, Alijah Benitez, Guadalupe Urrutia, Samantha Astorga, Houda Chami, Enriquez Athen, Yahir Trejo-Gonzalez, Colby Morton-Romay, Marissa Johnson, Mayelyn E.Valdes Vasquez, Jose Abundiz, Samantha Garduno, and  Zina Atshan. We wish them all good luck, good writing, and good speaking!