What’s The Big Deal With College?

Colby Romay

As our world grows, we grow older and begin to understand that life does not wait for us when we fall behind so we must stay ahead as possible and improvise when necessary.  Graduating from high school for a moment might be so relieving, so anticipated, but long term wise high school was the easy part. For some as everything comes together so suddenly, you’re now a legal adult searching for employment, in need of a higher degree of education possibly, a resume with valid sources of worthy individuals vouching for you and your previous work history.  So what’s the big deal with college you might ask, well the purpose as well as the benefits include a higher work credential, knowledge, and prioritizes you into a category of those most qualified for whatever job requires or prefers these requests. Even if you’re already or have struggled in school colleges vary from what they offer for courses which aren’t always book smarts, some focus solely on sports or other talents such as being a bilingual spokesperson.  Ultimately the option of college depends on the individual and their plans as there’s alternatives such as trade school so do your research first.