Self Care By Samantha Astorga

Samantha Astorga, Staff Writer

Mental Health is not talked about as much as it should be. Millions of adults, teenagers, even young children are diagnosed with a mental illness. Usually doctors diagnose patients with depression, anxiety, bipolar depression, etc and start putting them on to antidepressant pills and some even required seeing a therapist too. But it’s so expensive for a lot. We need to know that practicing self care can help us heal even if it’s considered to be taking small steps. By practicing it, you learn more about yourself. Things you never even knew existed within your mind, body, and soul. It could be as simple as getting up and making your bed. Even if you smile at yourself in the mirror before you leave for school or work, it helps so much. Or not blaming yourself for everything. Close your door and listen to music that hypes you up and dance like there’s no tomorrow. And a reminder that It is okay to spend time alone at the movies or at a restaurant. You can do so much such as watching/playing your favorite sport, eating food, listening to music, watching a film you have never seen, hanging out with friends, drawing, singing, dancing and there’s still so many other ways to help distance yourself from all that negativity that you don’t need. When you start consuming your days by making sure you make time for yourself, it really does help. But one thing I did learn from the people around me throughout my whole life is that depression is no joke. Hating yourself everyday and thinking you’ll forever live a negative life is serious. So with that being said I need and want everyone to remember that self care is a major priority. It strengthens you so much not only for yourself but when someone needs a helping hand you’ll be able to be there because you know how it felt to be on the low side all the time. I truly hope every individual who is suffering can find that peace that you deserve in your life. You just have to look for it and take it through your journey towards self love. Peace and love always.