Soul Soothing Tunes

Colby Romay

Since the western gunslinger era we’ve all heard and felt the rhythm of a beat or the lyrics to a song being hummed, sung, or practically preached from the soul for how uplifting music’s effects can be towards our spirits. 

This is because the rhythm is dialled to bring the setting behind the lyrics or to set the scene entirely by itself. When we listen, lyrics or the beat, we usually associate the words with ourselves. I actually find music to be one of the best forms of coping with stress related issues as when we listen we find ourselves singing along, relating, even sympathizing with the story being told as we express ourselves as well as our current moods with what type of music we’re listening to.  That’s also a good way to figure out someone’s possible mood, thoughts and feelings without either of you having to share a single word. Just listen more, vibe with the flow of life, and always rock on!