Refs Cheat Patriots

Jacob Reagan, Staff Writer

The New England Patriots vs the Chiefs game had some calls made by the refs that may have been the reason for the Patriots losing the game. The first call was a fumble by Travis Kelce which was picked up by the Patriots and was going to be returned for a touchdown but the refs called it dead. After review the refs determined that it was in fact a fumble and gave the ball to the Patriots but didn’t give them the touchdown return they should have had when the ball was fumbled. The second call was 6 plays after the fumble a touchdown pass to Patriots rookie wide receiver N’Keal Harry which was ruled out of bounds at the 3-yard-line. Looking back at the review you can clearly see that both of his feet were still in bounds when he dove for the endzone and it should have been a touchdown for the Patriots. If these calls were made correctly the ending score should have been 23-23 sending the game into overtime instead of it being 23-16 resulting in a Patriots loss.Out of bounds call