New Year: New Me

Colby Romay, Staff Writer

Colby Romay


New Years

“New Year New Me”


Everyone knows about what the new year brings to everyone,everyone  always getting excited for the “new year new me” or “my new year resolution” everyone setting new goals of either working out more or getting up early and being more productive, or even pushing them self out of their comfort soon and just doing something that they never found them self doing. The new year is the time for endless possibilities, Where people are most likely found to actually try committing to something they have been meaning to do but have never gotten around it. 

It is also the time of year where they change something about yourself. But it’s also the time of the year where people say that they are going to go and get a gym membership so they can start working out but end up only having for the month of january maybe sometimes it will make it to the month of february. Theres alot of people that try but just end up either not having the time or start not wanting to it. As for the example of the gym they don’t see a change as fast as they want it.

`New year is the time to start over or even do it different. Its besactly a new start to either change your self or even better you self in anyway “new year new me”. Time to better yourself in any way you can. Let’s welcome the new year.

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