Should Students Be Allowed To Grade Their Teachers?

Edgar Gonzalez, Staff Writer

According to The Atlantic, “Their survey answers, it turned out, were more reliable than any other known measure of teacher performance—including classroom observations and student test-score growth.” Although it may sound ridiculous, by having students grade their teaching ability and technique, it allows the teacher to tailor the course to student’s common weaknesses and strengths. A teacher’s flexibility and ability to respond to criticism is vital to being a quality educator. For example, it’s your first day of class, you choose a seat, sit, and wait for the teacher to begin. Your first impression of the teacher is him passing out worksheets, writing the page numbers on the whiteboard, and sitting back down at his desk. This situation sounds all too familiar to several students, but chances are they weren’t able to take action. School shouldn’t be accepted as a necessary boring evil, rather a source of educational entertainment. Teachers across the country should be required to pass out expectations survey, at the beginning of the course, and an end of course survey. However, I do believe that in order for students to have a valid criticism or review of the course, they should have a minimum of a C+