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Colby Romay

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It’s that time of the year again and as you know.. That fat jolly man with his fat jolly sack comes and goes.. In and out in a flash, his reindeers run about in a dash! full of christmas cheer and hopefully beer.. His sack jiggles and jingles like a half eaten can of pringles! Going roof to roof, breaking and entering, also breaking shingles. 1st degree tresspassing too, stealing cookies like christmas from the grinches point of view! 

This christmas, alike any holiday, brings those who have one another together in celebration, some of eachother, others of the glorious gifts, fewer for simply the spirit of the holiday, though it’s difficult if not near impossible for some. For reasons which we can’t see or understand such as homelessness or poverty to be more straight foward. Some take pleasure in donating and keeping these wondering souls in our spirits and in our hearts in hopes that they have someone or something to cherish.

Our school takes it’s part in this movement by voluntarily donating and collaborating with Bags Of Hope Project for the less fortunate giving you a first hand chance to help already being provided a bag to pack with a supplies, some research and patience can lead to limitless potential so forget about the gifts and focus on giving, world round & year round!!!!!