Youth Isn’t Only For The Youthful

Colby Romay

Colby Romay

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Youth isn’t only for the youthful

Sunburst Youth Academy is a program enlisting teens who are academically challenged. Sunburst provides those who attend and complete said course, a mass of credit recovery, though Sunburst doesn’t educate attendees similarly to schools. All attending are required to swiftly follow instructions and perform at the base level requirement while incorporating studying, physical exercise, nutritional dieting, centered around discipline. As Sunburst says it, they’re on a mission. This mission is in their words, to “intervene and reclaim”attempting to set those on the proper pathways to success. A few friends of mine have enlisted and served, already back at school and doing better than ever! I can vouch second hand from graduates of Sunburst for the Academy’s methods in building the foundation of these young, impressionable, wondering and aspiring minds. These men and women are taught to center focus on solving problems not looking for trouble. Some are bound to give in, others will not even try, proving nothing to anyone, not even themselves, the rest shall continue to goal set and pursue said goals little at a time, success after failure!