Homelessness and its Stigma on Students


homeless students struggle at Gilbert

Jennifer Lacroix, Staff Writer

I bet  that many students have heard this term before and had no idea what it meant, well I’m here to tell you. When you hear a counselor or teacher talk about how a student is Mckinney-Vento it means that they are on a program for reduced credits. Which mean students that are considered to be  Mckinney-Vento only need to make 130 credits to graduate instead of the 220 credits for regular graduates. And I know that this makes people think that these students are lucky or are getting off easy but there not. In order to qualify to Mckinney-Vento you need to be what the state considers to be homeless but that’s not just how you qualify you also have to have had to enter a new high school junior year or later. And if you qualify for Mckinney-Vento you might not get even get reduced credits it just depends what the state’s requirement of credits is to graduate. Almost always the states requirements are a lot less then the districts are. And the reason that the state offers this program is that young students that are homeless or in rough situations are able to graduate. When you are homeless or even couch surfing it is hard to find time to do anything. It’s also almost impossible to guarantee that your gonna be able to go to school everyday.  with all this extra stress in their everyday school can fall back to many of theses students minds. But this program not only allows them to graduate it also can give the kids in these situations the motivation they need. There are a lot of things this program is good for but I can understand the hesitation that people have when it comes to Mckinney-Vento, most people just hear the fact that they make less credits and just assume they have it easier, they don’t see the struggles that the student is facing to even be considered Mckinney-Vento.