Lunchtime Video Gaming with Marley Gutierrez

Marley Gutierrez, Staff Writer

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Most days during lunchtime in either room 12 or 14, a small group of students gathers to talk about and play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This game is a fighting game that features characters from most of the Nintendo games. Over 70 characters can be selected. It’s a fun game that not only features characters fighting, but the game itself fights boredom.

To win the game your character has to keep punching your opponent’s character until their health bar runs out, and you see that character flying out of the screen. A hand-held Nintendo Switch is the device used to host this fabulous fun event. Whoever holds the device controls the game for that session. Isaac Luna recently bought that new character that was just released. The character is named “Terry”
and is a street fighter from another game.

This is a friendly gaming gathering that allows a tight circle of students to freely enjoy playing video games, low pressure, high interest.