Facebook or Checkbook?

Ali Alghizzi, Staff Writer

Facebook or Checkbook? 

By Ali Alghizzi 

Last night was the 6th Democratic debate and it was as hectic and loud as it normally was. One of the main topics was censorship by corporations and the Chinese government. In the recent weeks Facebook has faced a firestorm of subpoenas and questioning from congress about their policies concerning fake ads and political campaigning.

The company stands by what they said entirely. Some companies however have decided to take things into their hands. CEO of twitter Jack Patrick Dorsey stated that the site will no longer allow political ads ahead of the 2020 election. Many have praised this decision will others have denounced it. Congress questioned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg for more than 5 hours, to deduce how Facebook targets the masses and allows fake ads on their site.

Even though the session was seen on live TV, Congress still has questions that Facebook has yet to answer or even outright refusing to answer some questions. In time we will learn more as this event continues to unfold.