Casa Youth Shelter; A Safe Haven

The Casa Youth facility, located in Los Alamitos, California.


An aerial view of the Casa Youth Shelter facility.

Edgar Gonzalez, Staff Writer

For the past 41 years, Casa Youth Shelter has been open to struggling kids, ranging from ages 12 – 17, who are looking for a warm meal or even just a roof over their heads. Casa Youth was founded on April 7, 1978, by Myldred E. Jones who is a retired Navy Lt. Commander and activist. Since its inception, Myldred intended Casa Youth Shelter to be a safe haven for kids where they would be given the basic necessities no matter the person’s background whether it be because they’ve been dealt a bad hand in life, ran away from home, been kicked out of their home, etc. Unfortunately, Myldred Jones passed away on June 19, 2006, at the age of 97.


After visiting the facility and interviewing a few of its current employees, including the program manager and several volunteers, I’m certain that Myldred would be delighted with how the program continues to provide assistance to disadvantaged children, both financially, physically, and psychologically.