Letter to One of The Great Everyday People

Roberto Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Dear Manny,

These past years have been great. I have noticed your hard work and honesty each and every day. We all appreciate you, everyone does. I don’t think there’s a day that goes by where someone doesn’t want to see you. There are times when there are lines of people waiting to talk to you. That’s honestly something very special. Don’t change. There isn’t any way around it. People need you. We need you, just as much as you need them. People come to talk to you about their real life problems and how you can help solve them. You are able to turn what is normally not anyone else’s business into a way to help. You choose to be the great helping hand. For that, we are forever thankful. We’re thankful for your patience, for your real words. Good counselors like you are rare to come across these days. Many others just focus on what’s going on now and how they can fix a situation quickly, instead of taking the time to listen and really talk to a kid. This letter is for you to keep forever because we’re forever thankful.