More like, Back to Cool Night

Kayli Pinaire, Staff Writer/editor

Gilbert High School’s back to school night (BTSN) was held September 18th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. ASB helped set up the event and prepared for families to arrive. Upon arrival, families were welcomed by administration and ROP culinary with ravioli, salad, and cookies, then released to visit with teachers and administration.

Gilbert students did as Gilbert students do and found ways to make the best of their time. Some students volunteered with teachers for community service hours, which is applied to requirements for graduation. Other students brought family and friends to see the wonderful school we have.

Alternative Education Program Director, Mrs. Callaway, sent thank you notes to staff thanking them as well as their dedicated students for their hard work that made the night possible. 

Reviewed and edited by Gabriel Alvarez