The Pets of Gilbert!

A showcase of a few student's pets!

Edgar Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Name: Mikey

Description: Small Weiner-Terrier mix

Age / Gender: 7 months old / Male

Backstory: Mikey was a rescue dog who Stephanie discovered at the OC Animal Care in Tustin, California. Her first impression of the shelter was one of an animal lover’s nightmares; the heartbreaking cries of dogs echoed throughout the facility and the dogs smelled like they hadn’t been bathed in months. While strolling through the hallways, she spotted a small black and brown fur-ball curled up in a corner. Stephanie approached and kneeled over the cage, but the dog refused to move. However, after a brief period of time, the air seemingly thinned, discomfort turned into comfort. The brown dot unraveled itself and approached Stephanie. She had found her dog.


Name: Blue

Description: Blue-tailed, yellow beaked Love-bird

Age / Gender: 2 years old / Male 

Backstory: Ary’s family, especially herself, had always wanted a cuddly companion who they could spend time with. So one Saturday morning, Ary’s mother drove down to a nearby Swapmeet and decided to surprise the family with a new member. Unbeknownst to her, Ary was walking up to her door after being dropped off. As she walks in, her mother is already in the room with an odd-shaped object covered by a towel. She asks what’s under the towel, and her mother simply tells her to come and find out. Ary moves towards the object and proceeds to unveil it. She comes to an immediate realization and begins to freak out. Eventually, her excitement turns into crying tears of joy as she cuddled her new bird.


Name: Oliver

Description: Blue-eyed, Brown Siamese

Age / Gender: 2 Years old / Male

Backstory: Andrea and her sister were both at the birth of Oliver, however, neither of them thought they’d be leaving with him. Soon after being born, Andrea’s sister’s friend had taken them aside and told them that they could take one home. It was an extremely unexpected and sudden gift, both of them locked eyes in a state of amazement and shock. Although she had always wanted a kitten, the thought of having one was a dream to her. Fortunately for Andrea and her sister, their dreams had been fulfilled.