Trade war or Economy war?

Ali Alghizzi, staff writer

Trade war or economy war?

by Ali Alghizzi

September, 18 2019

Everyone loves to shop and buy things especially online. People love buying products that make them feel happy. In the last week The highly acclaimed Gearbox studios released the 3rd game of their Borderlands series. With this trade war happening video games such as Borderlands may increase in price due to the tariffs being placed on imported goods into the United States.

The “trade war” is not really a war. More like a series of policies that have been implemented by President trump and his cabinet. These polices place an increased tariff on certain goods entering the united states such as steel and other materials. These may end up causing an increase in prices as importers will pass on that added cost to consumers and companies

The trade war is already causing the United States to lose sixty billion due to the tariffs being placed on american goods as a result of the tariffs being put on Chinese

products. With time many products that we use will end up being more expensive and harder to get. This in turn will affect not only our economy but also the global economy.