Gilbert’s Rainbow Gladiators

Kayli Pinaire, Editor/Staff Writer

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As of this year, most high school students were born between the years 2001 and 2005, making us a part of Gen Z (people born between 1995 and 2015). According to a 2018 report published by only sixty-six percent of Gen Z self identify as heterosexual. With our generation having the highest recorded percentages of openly lgbt individuals it’s often assumed that the appalling animosity and violence directed towards the lgbt community in past events would not be a current subject of importance; However, better does not equate to non prevalent.

With one in three students of High School age self identifying as lgbt most school campuses today are aware of the presence of their lgbt students and peers. On Gilbert’s campus we have GSA club and next quarter an lbgt history and education based  elective course taught by GSA administrator Mrs. Maessen. The course will cover Lgbt rights, term meanings, history, and policies and involve weekly collaboration with the Lgbt center of Orange county. Not only can students receive elective credits for courses, but are welcome to join GSA club for meetings in room 40 at lunch every Thursday, regardless of attendance of the course or if they are lgbt identifying.  

For many students the right to an education without making your presence a political statement is seemingly impossible. One Transgender Gilbert alumni I had the pleasure of interviewing added “I feel like education on lgbt subjects should be taught in schools beacuse the intolerance is way too extreme. At Kennedy I got screamed at in my face and heard of horrible plans made to jump and r*pe me.”. With today’s political climate students will inevitably face the threat of violence in school, However, this level of hatred and gross intimidation of children is beyond repugnant and should not be what we accept both as a society and a respectable place of education. We cannot claim kinship as a school while also allowing discrimination against our own peers. If you’re interested in seeking further education on the subject or supporting peers come by room 40 at lunch on Thursdays or sign up for the elective class offered by Mrs. Maessen next quarter.