Don’t Cut Corners. Make the CUT!

Cut Studios video

Edgar Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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The Children’s’ Unlimited Talent (CUT) Studios was originally founded at Gilbert West High School in 2009 by the current CEO Vince Le. The organization’s mission was “to provide an opportunity for our youth to expand their creativity in the arts and develop leadership skills while attaining higher educational achievement.”

In exchange for consistent attendance, above-average grades, and proper citizenship Cut Studios will grant you hours in a local music production facility and access to professional film equipment. Unfortunately, the organization went dormant in the early 2010s due to an issue with the publishing of student’s identities, however, as of recently, a revitalization plan has begun to come to fruition.

The two new managing heads of Cut Studios are Ms. Frese, located in room 12, and Mr. Dechene, located in room 29. At the time of writing this, 5 students have already applied to join Cut Studios. Now ask yourself: are you interested in working in a professional recording studio with experienced mentors and having access to movie making film equipment? If your answer is yes; head over to Room 12 or 29 and ask about applying!