Depression in Teens Caused by Social Media


Juan Alcala

In today’s present there seems to be many issues that many youth face, and one of them happens to be depression. Many teens struggle with this issues being a main problem for many teens and how they have to life life. I struggle with this issue and many times I wonder why and for what reason. In 2019 a new study revealed that social media might actually might not actually be the sole cause of youth depression. Researchers did a study to find out why many teens struggle with depression, and yes one of the causes was social media and its immense involvement in youth depression. One of the main reasons these researches studied this was to stop fear in parents who just read the large headlines saying that depression was caused by social media. They wanted to create a sense of relief in parents that seem to believe this, and they wanted to let them know that many issues factor into mental health and it might be some personal problem school or a job. It’s important that people educate themselves before releasing information into an atmosphere of sensitive people who take such headlines like the end of the world.