Prison Reform


Juan Alcala

If anything’s true about Americas political system is that the democrats and the republicans can’t agree on anything. Recently something very shocking happened, they both held the same side of the sword and agreed on criminal and prison reform. One of Americas past struggles was convicting people on very harsh and unreasonable charges and basically letting them rot in jail till there life has passed and their sentence is very much wrongly served. Recently both parties started to agree and help people with long unnecessary sentences and releasing them to freedom. Many prisoner who had their sentences reduced or abolished had to begin with ridiculous time brought to them for very petty crimes that today wouldn’t even be half the time that these people had to serve years for. A face for prison reform that you wouldn’t really think would be is Kim Kardashian. She jump started the attention brought to these kind of problems by helping a woman imprisoned for life for a non-violent drug related crime. Kim was able to free this woman by talking to the president about her unjust case and about prison reform in general. In today’s day in age putting a person away for a non-violent drug crime for life would not fly, so why let the cases that this did happen to be forgotten, because they shouldn’t.