School Janitors


Juan Alcala

There are over 182,853 k-12 schools in America. In those schools there is over 77 million students enrolled in those schools. With all those people who would be the staff to clean and manage the schools? Janitors. A school janitor or custodian maintain schools and keep them in good condition by managing the schools needs. They have many other duties then just cleaning they also maintain school property like fields by mowing them,and they regulate AC’s and lights for the buildings. At many schools there are usually multiple custodians working and they don’t just work during school hours they work after hours and very late hours as well. I actually have first hand experience being a janitor for schools, because my uncle used to clean schools after hours.I wanted money i would join him for a night and help him clean schools from kinder to high schools. It was a very unforgivable physical job having to constantly move around and do something that you were probably not used to doing. For this I have all respect for people in this line of business and believe they do a very important and amazing job. At Gilbert high school we care about our many staff including the janitors who work to keep this school clean for everyone. Appreciate the people who do the job you don’t really think about, because they’re making it so that you can have that luxary of not realizing the importance of their job.