My Journey

Alberth Cardenas

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My Journey

Everybody lives a different life than others but some may have a worse life than others while others live a nice happy life. My life my journey has been in its center, it has its ups and downs and it makes me soft sometimes and it makes me tough as a rock. The journey always start when you are born but I am a skip ahead and I am a move towards my experience throughout my high school years, and after school. Starting with high school 9th grade when I first joined back in Loara high school I was with full excitement and I enjoyed every bit of second in school as I met new people and got to see how people react to others and them being to able to enjoy life in school as I also did enjoy. 9th grade passed by fast and by the time I knew it I had a wonderful year as I passed all my classes and met new people. 10th grade came up and it was a bit less fun and well it was because I got lazy when it was summer, I tried my best but I ended up failing so if I did not fail then I would have not gotten that chance to start over from a different school and meet new people.

As I failed Loara I got the chance to get to come to Gilbert and I saw many people from Loara come here as they were old friends. The one thing that hit me the most was pretty much going on in my head “What am I going to do if I fail the classes here, what if I don’t change, what if I mess up.”. As I thought about it I told myself: ” I gotta change and that is what I did, as throughout the years I met many nice people that ended up being friends and I met many teachers that changed my life.