Ropes Course 2019

Alberth Cardenas, Staff Writer

What did it feel like to go to the ROPES course trip?

So, by March 28th, I and a bunch of students had already signed up to go on this field trip called The Ropes Course. It sounded interesting. We had to meet in the morning to board a bus which took us on a drive of about thirty-five to forty-five minutes to get to this park. We looked around and noticed that the area had many trailers and it kinda looked like a trailer park in the wilderness.

As a student that went I gotta say that the ROPES course was not easy, but tough indeed. We got separated into different groups and from there we got into different sections of the park.  My group was assigned to a part of the ROPES course which I was excited to try. I tried it out the first time and failed, but then when everybody was done trying their first time I told the guy that I wanted to try again and I did. I got further than my first time which I feel like I accomplished something in my life and it felt good. The other stations were alright, and it was fun we had a lunch break between section 2 and 3, it was really fun and I enjoyed it sucks that I am not going to be able to try it a second time. It is a great experience, it is hard and it will make you pass your expectations. As I made some new friends and also I had to make decisions of to keep going or give up that was on me and I decided that I will not be a failure, and every time I did the rope course I told myself something that I bet other people on the trip said” I will not give up”.