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Antony Attalla
Antony (or Tony) Attalla is a 17-year-old senior, who loves experiencing new things. He was born in Egypt but moved to the United States in the 3rd grade. Ever since Tony was a little kid, he loved writing stories and watching movies. In his free time, he likes to watch mystery, sci-fi, and action movies and shows. He also loves playing basketball, soccer, swimming, and riding his bike. He enjoys listening to music a lot because it helps him focus. Tony could public speak, edit videos, finish all his work, and no matter what happens to him he is resilient. Tony has been focusing lately more on his life and positivity, as he travels through this adventure of life he has experienced many new things on the way. The lessons are infinite in his opinion and he is willing to take on any challenge he needs to succeed.

Antony Attalla, Staff Writer

Oct 28, 2020
Life Through COVID-19 (Story)
Antony Attalla