Music is a Unifying Force

By Cristal Chihuaque, Staff Writer

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We all know music is a powerful force that brings people together. All ages and genders come together to hear their favorite artists sing their songs. In fact they memorize the lyrics and and sometimes even dance moves. Music is such an amazing creation that expresses feelings, situations, memories, traumas, and much more. But the beauty of it is that all generations can connect to music. In fact even our teachers listen to music. Little did you know that your own teachers might be listening to the same music you do.

For example, Ms .Frese our journalism, English, history and APEX teacher loves music. In fact she even plays in a band as a drummer. Her favorite bands include Los Angels 80’s, Cruzados, and Ramons. She loves punk rock music and mostly listens to music at night, goes to events and both her kids and boyfriend are musicians.

Another teacher at Gilbert High School who is also a fanatic of music is Mr. Cowan (a history teacher). His favorite artist is Jimmy Hendricks. He says the reason why Jimmy Hendricks is his favorite artist is because he is an innovator, is simply the greatest, and has amazing storytelling in his music. He usually listens to music while grading  and before bed. He also likes listening to Pink Floyd and Moody Blues.

Furthermore, Mr.Dechene (an English teacher and ASB instructor) loves music. His favorite artist is Vanilla Ice which he first heard in 1990. He says that Vanilla Ice is his favorite artist because “any white man with rhythm and sweet dance moves is automatically my idol because I have none and Can’t”.

He is open to all genres except “screamo” or punk rock. On a regular basis he listens to alternative and oldschool hiphop and rap. He generally listens to music whenever he can.

Last but not least, Ms.Chant a sub for Ms. Maseen (an English teacher) enjoys listening to music all the time. Her favorite artist is Fiona Apple because of her gorgeous voice, writing and arrangement is much more skillful than what you see out there. Her favorite genre is adult alternative . In fact music is what brought Ms.Chant and Ms. Maseen together and they became friends.

In conclusion Music is truly a blessing. It brings all people together and helps people express what they feel. It also helps people handle certain situations and changes their mood.