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  • October 11"Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries. Never give up!"

Jesica Ruelas

Jesica Ruelas, Staff Writer

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I honestly find myself really interesting and I do many things on my free time when I’m really bored. My favorite thing to do is practice UFC.  I’m really into it. I practice everyday after school or when I just feel like it. I play soccer or football, and, at times, even baseball. Most of the time I love sports and I love working out because I feel really good after I’ve been going at it for a couple hours. I love spending time with my mom as well, because my mom is like my best friend. I could always tell her anything and just always spend my days with her.  One thing I also do is play my Play Station. I do that a lot when there’s nothing to do like once I’m done with my homework.

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Jesica Ruelas, Staff Writer

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By Jessica Ruelas

I'm really interested in college .They have a lot of students that go there which is why I also want to go it. I honesty...

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Jesica Ruelas