Club Rush

Sydnee Burns, Staff Writer

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Club Rush is where all clubs to come together and represent something to do with school or our community/world. Between October 27th-31 club rush had all sorts of clubs out with tents in the “circle” of Gilbert out at lunch. For example, FNL, ASB, F.A.C.E.S, Garden Club, Music & Art, Newspaper & Arts and Souls, and LGBTQ Club. All the clubs are represented by the teachers that teach here. They don’t have to be in charge of a club it’s more of a hobby for them. 

All these clubs had there own little tables and people could go around and learn about the clubs. After that people can get stamps for listening or signing up for the club, the prize after is if you get 3 stamps then you can get popcorn popped by FNL. This whole event went on for a whole week so people had the chance to be involved with club rush. 

As time past the first few days were pretty packed and people were excited to go. I heard people say as I stood there passing out popcorn, “ this is cool I never thought I’d actually like this”. But that person wasn’t the only one, many people said the same thing. But as time passed it died down, no one really came to the tables towards the end of the week. Overall it was a great turn out for all the clubs people joined and learned more things.