Pageant of the Masters

Cristal Chihuaque, Staff Writer

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Mystical Night at The Pageant of the Masters 

All attendees eager to go inside and explore. (Photo by Betty Vasquez.)

          The Pageant of The Masters field trip took place on Thursday evening, August 23rd. 17 students were joined by 13 staff and parents to tour the beautiful Festival of Arts and attend the 85th season’s production of the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. Gilbert High School students, faculty, and families received free tickets from the generous Pageant of the Masters “Masters of Giving” philanthropy organization. Food was provided by The Hearts and Souls Poetry club, and transportation was arranged by administration and the AUHSD. This would turn out to be an amazing evening that would open us all up to a new world of art.  

Once arriving, one could feel the cool breeze and everywhere one looked something new awaited. Students were split into groups and were free to roam the Festival and explore. Each group was assigned a chaperone and list of things to find, from sculptures to drawings to paintings to photographs and much more. Jazz filled the air with beautiful melodies as students talked to patrons and artists and discovered new art pieces that seemed to reach out to them. There were many different styles and mediums, yet all were appealing, each telling its own story. In fact, artists even encouraged students to sit down at a workshop to make their own pieces in labs that were offered such as ceramics and painting. But time was of the essence…

One of the groups eager for the show to begin. (Selfie by Betty Vasquez.)

By 8:20, students had to meet their hostess, teacher Ms. Frese, who is a long time cast member in the Pageant of the Masters. She and her young son were both performing in the show. She helped arrange the event and also made certain each group of students and chaperones received their tickets and entered the Irvine Bowl and were seated in time for the night’s performance.

Everyone was excited for what was to come. The opening act portrayed native Americans in a cave looking to the sun; presenting this years theme “Under The Sun’’.  No videos or pictures were allowed to be taken in the Irvine Bowl, but for those who attended it was an unforgettable, magical experience that left permanent images in everyone’s mesmerized minds. It was astonishing  how the cast and crew put the show together, how people recreated famous works of art and told the important stories of the artists who created them. This summer’s show also highlighted the history of Laguna Beach, the city where the Pageant began 85 years ago. When the Pageant performance ended, Gilbert High School guests were the fortunate VIPs to be taken on a backstage tour, a look behind the scenes where they got to see how all the magic happens.

One of the beautiful sculptures for sale. (Photo by Betty Vasquez.)

It was such an amazing evening for the lucky students who attended.  Jesus Cisneros agreed stating, “I wasn’t expecting that. It was pretty good, not going to lie.”

As for those who were unable to attend, we hope you get the chance next year to enjoy this once- in- a- lifetime experience!  You can ask Ms. Frese in Room 12 all about it, or search up Pageant of the Masters on their website,  Ticket prices, celebrity guests, and a calendar of entertainment are all featured on the site.  In fact, it even tells you how you can participate in the Pageant of the Masters either as an exhibitor or as a member of the cast.