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Victoria Quiroz

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Gilbert High School does not provide transportation for their students. Students come from all parts of the Anaheim Union High School District. These students here at Gilbert High School have their own transportation like coming on the skateboard, riding a bike or even walking to school. Some students get a ride from a family member or a friend, some even have their own car, and others take the public bus. So as you can see there is different ways on how these students get to school, but myraids of these methods come with conscequences. Here is how:

Christopher Castillo (17) Senior walks to school stated that during his Junior year, he was walking to school with his friends when a young guy, mid 20’s approached him. “ He looked like he was tweaking out.” said, Christopher.  This young guy was trying to pick a fight with Christopher and his friends. They young guy said, “You trying to throw down? What the “f” you lookin’ at?” The young guy left after one of Christopher’s friends ran across the street in fear. “He must have gotten what he wanted, to scare us.” said, chistopher. Chris also stated that some old lady started taking pictures of his friend while they were walking. She said, “Nice ass, cutie” Chris and his friend felt weird, but they continued to walk and ignore the lady.

Selena Quiroz (17) Senior takes the public day, she has to take two bus to get to school. Selena states that the public bus are sometimes delayed due to the traffic, so she has to wait up to 10-15 minutes which makes her late to get the other bus. Now selena would have to wait 40 minutes for the second bus. “Whether I leave early, i always get to school late because of the bus and the traffic.” said, Selena.  


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