About Me

By Jessica Ruelas

I'm really interested in college .They have a lot of students that go there which is why I also want to go it. I honesty think I am very interesting in many ways. I love doing UFC in my free time a long with other sports like football and soccer and at times I also play a little bit of baseball a. I was also born in Mexico on March 13,2001 and in 2002 I came to the United States. I am bilingual. I work in the field everyday with my dad excepted Fridays and some times I get Saturdays off  but not most of the time. I've been working for about 5 months now since summer so it's been a while. I really do love working with my dad but as soon as I'm 18 I have to get a new job so I don't work all day long. I really love going on runs and walks a lot. I really like drawing and writing that's also why I took this class because I heard we write a lot here so I took it. I have a mom and dad who are still married thank god I am lucky to be in the position. I'm in . Once I'm done working with my dad I am going to see if I can work on to something better once I get my diploma of course. My goal as of right now is to go back to Anaheim High School so I can graduate over there. After I'm going straight to college. My dream school was Chapman University so I can network which would be really good for me. However the school I am going to go to is Fullerton Collage or maybe Cypress College. I want to be a police officer as well when I get older so I want to focus on that. Many people ,including my mom have told me not to be a police officer because it's really dangerous but that's basically what you sign up for. These are important things for myself that i hope to accomplish.

Jesica Ruelas, Staff Writer

Oct 12, 2018
Jesica Ruelas (Story)
The Student News Site of Gilbert High School
Gladiator Times Staff