Jeffrey Moso

"A picture is a poem without words"are the words I would use to describe Jeffrey Moso.The concealed artist that originated from Savanna High School to Gilbert High School.He was born in the month of February falling under the zodiac sign Aquarius usually described as "people with unexpected sides of nature."I can support this claim because of the suprising artistic ability he possesses and how very passionate he is about his work.Whatever lays on his mind tends to bleed out onto the pages guided by his pencil becoming therapeutic.He's an artist and with every artist they value every form of it leading it to his other value which is music.He became the first person that introduced me into the underground scene of music "the ones who don't trade passion for glory."The artist that impacted his life the most is an artist named Pouya because of the relations his music ties with his own personal life.Jeffrey is an individual with many hidden talents but will only display them through his art.

Jeffrey Moso, Staff writer

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