Glad Grads

Cristal Chihuaque, Staff Writer

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It’s incredible that there is a school like Gilbert High School. Here unlike other schools people are graduating at any and every moment. In fact you don’t even have to wait till the quarter or semester. People come here from many schools to make up credits. In a single quarter you can make up to 25 credits and even take apex where u can make up to ten credits by taking two classes.  In a whole year you can make from 100 credits to 140 credits.

In fact this quarter there is a handful of students who are graduating this quarter such as Ivan Diaz, Jin Jian, Kaitlin Peterson, Emmanuel Hernandez, Ramiro Dublado, Eliseo Fuerte, Gabriel Navidad, Steven Nuñez Aguirre,Fernando  Serato Vega, Joseph Valle, and a few more .

They worked really hard and are now proud graduates. Teachers express how happy they are for them and stated that they were incredible students.

When asking for a personal quote ,  Emmanuel responds with ” I don’t even go here anymore”.

Eliseo Fuerte states, “They say cheaters never win but I’m still graduating.”

Ramiro Dublado adds, “The hardest part of this challenge is not telling everybody else that I’m going to win.”

Overall this quarter”s graduates are happy to have made up their credits and graduate.