The “Hope” we Give to the Blood Drive

By Cristal Chihuaque, Staff Writer

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       Every year there is Blood drives that take place at Gilbert High School. In this case, it was held at the cafeteria on November 7, 2018. The group that organized this was The City of Hope. ASB was in charge of collecting permission slips from students under 18 and asking students who wanted to donate. A lot of students participated in the Blood Drive which is why The City of Hope keeps coming to our school. On the day of the Blood Drive call slips were being sent so that students would be able to leave class to come donate blood. As you entered your ID and permission slip was collected and you were given  a folder with information to read. Afterwards you had to complete a form and wait to be approved. Once approved a nurse checked your blood pressure, your iron, your sugar, and other factors to make sure you were healthy enough to donate. If everything was okay they would send you to the “beds” to be hooked up to the empty blood bags . The nurses stayed nearby and checked up on you to make sure you were doing okay. Occasionally if you felt dizzy they made you put your feet up. Once finished a Starbucks gift card was given to you and they told you to stay hydrated and avoid heavy lifting or exercise. Students were then allowed to stay and eat snacks for at least 15 mins or until they felt capable of going back to class. The City of Hope stayed till 2:30 pm that day and said they would return. IN fact as a perk those who donate three times during senior year receive  a cord.

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The “Hope” we Give to the Blood Drive