One Man’s Tweet Sways The Stock Market

Imagine having the power to wake up one day and log into your Twitter account and post one single tweet that will affect the entire stock market. This is a story about how one man’s feelings, perspective, commands, and jokes literally affect the entire stock market, especially the tech industry.

Known as the real-life Iron Man, the founder of PayPal and Tesla, he is the one with no introduction needed, Mr. Elon Musk. Why is this topic important for our generation? Because for the first time in human history investors and the tech industries are placing their bets and savings on digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency- one of them being Tesla.

Tesla purchased 1.5 Billion in Bitcoin in Feb 2021, simply stating that they support and financially believe in the future of purchasing and exchanging digitally computer-mined currency. But wait, it gets even wilder, Elon Musk decided to hashtag #bitcoin, and there’s a 20 percent jump in Bitcoin value, that’s a hefty increase if you are a bitcoin holder. But then imagine you changed your mind and realized Crypto may be “bad” for the environment and decided to tweet something negative about Bitcoin and all of a sudden the Crypto market dropped by 15 percent. It’s like having a magic wand and commanding the market back and forth as you wish. What an incredible power for one man to have!

They say you only live once, and how I am glad to be living in a generation to experience this. Whether you are a supporter of digital currency or not, you cannot deny how interesting it is to see all of this unfold.