Life as a Senior


Antony Attalla

Antony Attalla, Staff Writer

My life as a senior has been very different than many other seniors. I’ve always felt young and never felt like an adult, however now it’s a different story. I’m kind of forced to be an adult and deal with my situations such as college, school, and my life in general. It was very different of course since COVID-19 exists. Distance learning wasn’t very helpful for me. I never really liked learning from a screen which messed up a lot and is the only reason why I attended Gilbert. In my opinion, Gilbert high school saved me from not graduating and passing this year. Senior year was a lesson for me I believe. It was very tough and I had to deal with many situations and scenarios. Of course, I am not the only one dealing with many things and we are all dealing with our own stories. Everyone has their specific problems and their situations to the point where no one is alone. My life as a senior caused me lots of change within myself and I think it was for the right. I didn’t let my problems change me to do wrong and give up but I let them change me to do right. Life, as known by many, is a roller coaster that can cause negative and positive changes to your life. It is all up to you and especially for me the most. Right now I have to deal with things such as college and my future career which can cause stress and more. I believe that my senior year was the change that I needed to be considered an adult now. My mentality changed many times but this was the change I needed for college. Everyone should have that mentality to be prepared for their future in life because it only gets harder for everyone but persistence is key. Lastly, one key you should take from here is that problems will always arise, however the most important key in life is how you take it and handle these problems.