Music By Samantha Garduno

Samantha Garduno, Music



JANUARY 14, 2020


Music started at about 40,000 years ago, now music is very popular. Many artists have special talents but everyone has different taste in music. Something that I have noticed and is indeed a fact is that musicians have a shorter life span than the general population. Artists for many years in the industry has had a lot of drug problems and violence that has caused them to die. Artists such as juice world, xxtentacion, and mac miller etc. the music industry consists of companies and individuals that earn money by creating new songs and pieces and selling live concerts and shows, audio and video recordings, compositions and sheet music etc. All of th is has a lot of pressure, especially the media and pressure they put on them also the lack of privacy. 

Many artists have suffered through depression such as Ariana grande, Selena gomez, and demi lovato etc. My point on all of this is that if the music industry wants great artist they also need to check their mental health. Many celebrities wish to go back before all the fame and money which shows that money can’t buy happiness maybe at the moment but it won’t last forever.  For new upcoming artists it’s important that they know what is headed their way, having a good mental state of mind will do much help.